Board Education

Ongoing Board Education ensures that our clients increase their effectiveness in the boardroom by staying abreast of current boardroom issues.  Our products and services include Board Leaders, a member-based organization serving the board education needs of experienced directors, The Directors Letter, a nationally distributed bi-weekly newsletter for boards of directors and individuals involved in board level activities, The Executive Insights Video Series on current and important board topics, and customized board education curricula.

Board Leaders, LLC

Board Leaders is a membership based networking and board education organization for experienced corporate directors and those individuals involved in board level activities.  It currently has one chapter, located in Boston.  Board Leaders provides director-level focused technical discussions with experts and colleagues in the privacy and security of a conference room breakfast environment.   Because of the confidential yet open nature in which members share information, Board Leaders membership requires a review of credentials and references.  Membership is by invitation only.

For more information, please visit or contact Sharon Dagnello, Executive Administrator at or (781) 455-0097.

The Directors Letter

The Directors Letter is an easy-to-read electronic newsletter covering current and important boardroom topics.  It appeals to busy directors and individuals involved in board level activities who want to stay informed and up-to date as well as intellectually challenged in a manner that is pithy, succinct and probing.   The Directors Letter differs from other board level newsletters in that it provides editorial comments and commentary by experienced directors addressing the basic important question: “Why does this matter to me as a director.”

The Directors Letter takes only about 10 minutes to read, is distributed to approximately 20,000 directors, CEOs, Chairs, CFOs and General Counsels nationally.  Individual and, for greater savings, corporate subscriptions are available as well as a Board Education package combining both The Directors Letter and Executive Insights.

For more information, please contact Dan Daly, Publisher at or (617) 262-2800.

Executive Insights

The Executive Insights Video Series provides industry perspectives by technical experts who advise boards, CEOs and Directors who have “been there, done that.” Technical topics include Governance Basics, CEO/Board Succession, Mergers and Acquisitions, Internal Investigations, Shareholder Activism, Cyber Security, D&O Insurance from a Director’s perspective, Risk and Crisis Management, Executive Compensation, etc. Executive Insights is distributed to approximately 20,000 Board Directors, Chairs, CEOs, CFOs and General Counsels.  Individual and, for greater savings, corporate subscriptions are available as well as a Board Education package combining both The Directors Letter and Executive Insights by clicking here.

In addition, our CEO Series introduces listeners to the lives of CEOs, their transitions into becoming directors and how the two roles differ and complement each other. When requested, we also develop and produce customized Training and “How To” Videos for our clients on board level topics.  These customized, easy to understand videos help viewers understand not only the “what” but also “how to” manage critical processes and responsibilities.

For more information, please contact Dan Daly at or (617) 262-2800.

Customized Curriculum Development and Delivery

Daly & Company, Inc. brings its deep experience and knowledge of both the boardroom and executive education and development as well as its network of professionals engaged in board level activities to serve the specific board and governance education needs of corporations and non profits.  Curricula is designed to be delivered in an entertaining and interactive leadership development format to engage high level and busy executives who either are already directors, who interface with boards of directors or who are being groomed for boardroom activities.  All of our Customized Curricula are personally overseen by one of our senior officers.  Topics range from governance basics to “how to” meet boardroom expectations to in-depth coverage and discussion of current, critical and relevant issues.

If you would like to find out more about our Customized Curriculum services, please contact Dan Daly by clicking here.