Board Services

Among the most important responsibilities of boards of directors is their ability to plan for, hire, evaluate and develop their CEOs and directors. Rapidly changing businesses require board structures and leaders that meet the present and future strategic needs of their organizations. Increased scrutiny on governance from regulators, shareholders and other stakeholders raises the visibility of board decisions and governance processes.

Our Board Services consulting practice responds to the most pressing needs of governance committees, chairs and CEOs to help improve the decision making and effectiveness of their boards of directors, specifically in the areas of Board/CEO Succession, Board Evaluation and Board Coaching and Development. We partner with clients, whether individuals, committees or entire boards who are looking for independent, objective and confidential advice and customized solutions based on deep knowledge and expertise at a high value-to-price ratio.  When clients call us, they get one of our senior officers who is responsible for meeting the needs of the client’s Board Services relationship, whether it is for a few hours or for ongoing collaboration.